Q:    What do I need in addition to the MicroMill 2000 or DSLS 3000 system to get going?

A:    All you need is a Win XP computer with a processor speed greater than 1 GHz and a printer port.

Q:    What about a USB interface?

A:    With the USB Module option the system will work with Win XP, 7,8 or 10 using a standard USB port.


Q:    Can I just export a G-Code program I create from a Cad/Cam program directly to the MicroMill System, without the use of the G-Code interpreter?

A:    No, the G-Code interpreter program is required to translate the positioning commands into the proper signals necessary for the electronic motor driver.


Q:    Wait, how many software programs are really necessary to generate a part from scratch and then machine it?

A:    At present (and this applies across the board in this industry) there are 3 separate levels of software necessary to go from design to part:

1.    The CAD program such as AutoCad, DesignCad or Rhino3D.

2.    A program to create a G-Code file of the part such as DeskProto. Note: Higher cost programs such as MasterCam or ArtCam perform both steps 1 and 2.

3.    A signal generator program to translate the G-Codes into proper motor driver signals.


Q:    Will part programs I generate in Cad/Cam packages run on the machine?

A:    Yes, if they can generate a standard ASCII G-Code program. MeshCam, Mastercam, Surfcam, Pro Engineer, Artcam, Cimagrafi, BobCad, DeskProto and Millwizard are all being successfully employed by MicroMill users around the world.


Q:    Can the MicroMill perform true 3D surface contouring?

A:    Yes, it is simply a matter of generating 3D G-Codes.


Q:    Can I import DXF files directly and execute them?

A:    Yes, the Mach 3 software will import and translate DXF files into standard G-code files which can then be executed.


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