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Sept 2019: New 3/4 HP Brushless DC Variable Speed Spindle Motor now available.  It has been tested in-house for over a year now on both our prototype MicroMill and TaigTurn Lathe.  All the bugs have been worked out and it has worked perfectly.  The spindle power is very impressive at both low and high speeds.  The machine capabilities are now greatly increased in the ability to take larger cuts in aluminum, steel or any material.  The programmable spindle speed on the TaigTurn lathe now allows multiple tool machining to be done with complete automation with no need to manually change the pulley belt for different tool operations.

Complete MicroMill System with Ball Screws Starting at $3995.00


Jan 2017: Anti-Backlash Ball Screws now available as an option.

Nov 2015: The New TAIGTURN 2000DSLS has now arrived

  • Rapid Traverse Speed up to 80 In/Min.

  • Thread Cutting Cycles up to 75 In/Min.

  • Windows XP, 7 or 8 control interface.

  • Precision Heavy Duty ER-16 spindle assembly.

  • Powerful 1/4 HP continuous duty AC motor.

  • Spindle Speed Range: 435 to 1800 RPM.

  • Spindle On/Off and AUX On/Off control using standard M codes.

  • X, Z travel of 12" x 6"


   All for the LOW PRICE of $2995.


March 2006: IT'S FINALLY HERE !!! - The NEW Closed Loop Servo MicroMill DSLS 3000

It is finally here implementing Advanced Digital Sync Lock Servo (DSLS) Technology.  The new closed loop mill has the following features:

  • Rapid Traverse Speed (G00) up to 100 In/Min.

  • Continuous contouring feedrate up to 60 In/Min.

  • Custom Windows XP Mach 3 control interface specially designed for the machine.

  • Complete G-code set of ALL G-codes including G41/G42 cutter compensation.

  • Import of standard DXF files from your favorite Cad programs.

  • Import of HPGL files direct from CorelDraw.

  • Import of BMP and JPEG picture files.

  • Spindle On/Off and AUX On/Off control using standard M codes.

  • Precision Heavy Duty ER-16 spindle assembly.

  • Powerful 1/4 HP continuous duty AC motor.

  • X,Y,Z travel of 12" x 5.5" x 6"

  • All the standard and time proven machine features as before.


        All for the LOW PRICE of $2995.


Jan 2005: Driver Box Improvements.

Every Driver Box now Includes the following:

  • 4th Axis Amplifier and Port Included

  • Input/Output Port Included

Dec 2003: New 'Open Architecture' Driver System Design.

The Electronic Driver System now supports standard Step and Direction signal inputs.  This opens it up for use with the vast array of software control packages on the market such as the following:

Another advantage is that now all 4 axes can run from a single printer port.   Two output signals for relay control and four inputs are also available for limit switch detection or other uses.

The Step/Dir adapter board is also available as a $100 option for upgrading earlier driver systems.  It is easily installed into the existing driver box.

New Complex CAM Software Package:

VisualMill is a new CAM or toolpath generating package that is being offered by MecSoft.  It has a variety of advanced features comparable to MasterCam or SurfCam - see

Low Cost 3D Software Development:

New Low Cost 3D Tool path generating package available from DelCam called Millwizard.  This package is a scaled down version of their standard ArtCam jewelery design program at a fraction of the cost.  The software basically performs the same function as DeskProto at a significantly lower price of $250.  It imports .STL and .DXF files and allows 3D contouring tool paths to be created.  This may be the breakthrough we have been looking for in an afforable 3D tool path generating program.   See for more information.


New Improvements for the MicroMill 2000 series:

  • NEW BOX WAY ASSEMBLY ON Z-AXIS (click here for picture)

  • Powerful 200 oz-in. step motors on all axes.

  • Rubber Way covers for Y-Axis.

  • Spindle motor switch.

  • Wear resistant Cr-Mo lead screws with split brass nuts on all axes now.

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